about us

Naija Akatarians: Nigerian Migrants in Vienna since the 1960s is a research and an exhibition project by Happy Akegbeleye, Petja Dimitrova and Clifford Erinmwionghae

Happy Akegbeleye was born in Delta State, Nigeria. He was an environmental Activist there. Lives since 2004 in Vienna, many years as asylum seeker. He is active in cultural- und sport projects of the Nigerian community in Vienna. Member of the board of JEF – Justice, Equality for Africa. Activist in the refugee protest movement Vienna 2012-13. Working also with planet-10 a queer feminist and antiracist platform. He was a profi-soccer in FC NAFA, SV Vorwärts Brigittenau und FC Wiener Linien.

Petja Dimitrova is an artist born in Sofia/Bulgaria living in Vienna since 1994. Her artistic practice is being situated between fine arts and activism. Teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Form 2011-2014 an artistic direction of the festival WIENWOCHE (together with Can Gülcü and Radostina Patulova). 2005-2014 was a member of the board of IG Bildende Kunst (Artists’ Union), member of the Network for critical research on the migration and border regime . Associate editor of the books: Migrationsskizzen / Sketches of migration, postcolonial enmeshments, antiracist construction work and of Regime. How dominance is organised and expression formalised (in Germ). She is a member of 1st March – transnational migrant strike day. Participated in numerous exibitions, publications, diskussions,  etc.  petjadimitrova.net

Clifford A. Erinmwionghae is an artist, photographer and activist. Born in Benin City Nigeria. Living in Vienna since 2004, many years as asylumseeker. He studies at at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. 2015 he was a fellow of the kültür gemma – a program that supports migrant cultural production. Works about the cultural and political recognition of black people, as for the rights of refugees. He realized some projects in WIENWOCHE about the topics as: Bleibeführer_In Wien,  wahlwexel jetzt! protest production collective. A member of the board of JEF – Justice, Equality for Africa. Activist in the refugee protest movement 2012-13 in Vienna. Activist in 1of March – transnational migrant streik day Austria. Took park in various discussion, articles, interviews, symposion and workshops about migration and self organisation of refugees. Some works under: www.youtube.com/watch?V=r3ok_c3akt8  www.zannybegg.com/Fluchthilfe.htm